Legends Hospitality Rolls Out Super Bowl XLV Menu

By Marcus Vanderberg 

DALLAS – Everything is bigger in Texas.

Even the Super Bowl menu.

Legends Hospitality Management at Cowboys Stadium has a special menu planned for Super Bowl XLV on Sunday that puts your menu of cold cuts and chips to shame.

Along with your traditional items like the Bent Buckle Texas Chili and the Cowboys Stadium House Smoked Barbecue, they have hand selected five local chefs to create a “Taste of North Texas” menu on the Hall of Fame level.

Yutaka Yamato, Yutaka

Yutaka Sushi Platter (Fresh Salmon Tataki with Cilantro Sauce, Asian Spinach with Cilantro Sauce, Spicy Tuna Roll)

Abraham Salum, Salum

Smoked Chicken Lasagna (Smoked Chicken, Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Salum’s Salad, Garlic Bread)

Kenneth Collins, Tour Catering

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Tacos (Black Beans, Mole Sauce, Guacamole, Citrus Risse Salad)

Scott Romano and Ruben Turano, Charlie Palmer At The Joule Hotel

Shiner Bock Braised Pork (Cole Slaw, Peanut Brioche, Parmesan Cayenne Root Vegetable Chips)

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes (Crackerjack Butter Cream, Sea Salt Caramel)

Scott Gottlich, Bijoux

Short Rib Sliders (Braised Short Ribs, Smoked Tomato, Brioche Bun)

Is it lunch time yet?