Lee Camp’s Last Stand on FNC

By SteveK 

Breitbart.tv has the video of what is likely to be comedian Lee Camp‘s final appearance on Fox News. Camp was part of a segment on Fox & Friends Saturday in which he and Julia Gorin were interviewed by the newest member of the rotating crop of F&F Weekend hosts, Clayton Morris.

The interview focused on why Mike Huckabee was still in the Presidential race. Camp was introduced as representing “comedy from the left” while Gorin was a “conservative comedian.” But at the end of the segment Camp veered off topic and used the platform to attack FNC.

“What is Fox News? It’s just a parade of propaganda isn’t it? It’s just a festival of ignorance,” he said. “What, how many people are dead in Iraq. What’s the point of this?”


He then went on to urge viewers to “go outside” and “hug your children.” Morris uncomfortably transitioned out of the segment, saying, “You get all the news you can at Fox News.”