Latest CBS News/USA Today Partnership Starts in January

By kevin 

CBS News has announced more details about its latest partnering with USA Today for “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands.” Programming will appear on “Evening News,” “Face the Nation,” “The Early Show,” and “Sunday Morning” beginning the first week of January. Press release after the jump.

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Partnership Extends Reach of CBS REPORTS’ Planned Comprehensive Assessment of America’s Preparedness on a Broad Array of Vital Issues
            CBS News is joining forces with USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling print newspaper, to extend the reach of “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands,” a landmark cross-platform series that will provide a comprehensive assessment of where the United States stands on a wide range of vital issues. The partnership will launch the first week in January to coincide with the new decade and will run in USA TODAY through the month of January. CBS REPORTS coverage will continue across a number of months.
            Both news organizations will report the broad-reaching topics independently, cross-branding and promoting each other’s efforts via print, television, radio and online. In addition, USA TODAY will make content from the “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” series available to all Gannett newspapers.  The two journalism giants previously teamed up for the successful and critically acclaimed 2009 “CBS REPORTS: Children of the Recession.” 
            “As in ‘Children of the Recession,’ we will use CBS News’ peerless journalists and resources to paint a composite picture of a critical issue,” said Sean McManus, President CBS News and Sports.  “For ‘CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands,’ our goal is an overall portrait of our nation’s place in the world as we end a tumultuous decade and look to the future. Our partnership with USA TODAY on ‘Children of the Recession’ helped broaden awareness for that series and we look forward to mutually leveraging our journalism and our reach for ‘Where America Stands’ as well. ”
            “USA TODAY is glad to be partnering with CBS News on yet another important journalistic series,” said John Hillkirk, Editor of USA TODAY. “The combined reach of these two news organizations and the breadth of topic being covered will offer Americans a powerful look at the past decade and what is to come in the next.”
            CBS has the following plans in place for the launch of “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” during the week of January 4, 2010:
• CBS NEWS POLL: Results from a CBS News poll of Americans’ views and attitudes on how the United States is faring on major societal issues will be released.
• KATIE COURIC: Cancer research, treatment and care – Who are the leaders and what is on the horizon? How far have we really come in the War on Cancer?
• ANTHONY MASON: Where is the next generation of jobs going to come from? How do we recover from 10%+ unemployment?
• LARA LOGAN: Where are the next terrorists training and coming from? How prepared are we to deal with terrorism since 9/11?
• SETH DOANE: The “leaning” of America – How are we going to fight obesity? How do we “lean” our population and especially our children?
            Other planned “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” elements on CBS include reports on Aging, Crime and Punishment, Education, Environment, Family, Finances, Global Competitiveness, Healthcare, Housing, Immigration, Infrastructure, International Politics and Diplomacy, Manufacturing and Trade, Medical Challenges and Advances, National Debt, Religion and Spirituality, Security and Defense, Technology, and many more.
            Through reporting, analysis and revealing interviews of American pioneers and innovators who exemplify the best of our nation’s thinking on these issues, the multi-week series will disclose not only where we stand today in these and other areas, but also what our immediate challenges and opportunities are for continued American greatness.
            “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” programming will appear across a variety of CBS News platforms and broadcasts, including CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC, FACE THE NATION, SUNDAY MORNING, THE EARLY SHOW, the Saturday edition of THE EARLY SHOW, CBS EVENING NEWS Weekend Editions, CBS RADIO NEWS and CBS News’ Polling & Survey Unit will present statistical analysis on the various areas. Themed online content is available on 
            USA TODAY has the following plans in place for the launch of “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” during the week of January 4, 2010:
·         NEWS: The coming challenges that will play out over the new decade in demographics, the economy, climate, war, technology, health and entertainment.
·         MONEY: A look at the long-term economic consequences of the Great Recession.
            Additional coverage in USA TODAY will include reports on genetic testing and healthcare, innovations in climate change, a look at the gravest terror threats facing the United States, how the sports fan experience has changed, our future in the space program, our search for new sports heroes and a poll on the historic optimism of Americans through the decades.
            “USA TODAY/CBS REPORTS: Where America Stands” coverage will appear in print and online at Content also will be made available to Gannett newspapers for use throughout the month.