Last Chance to Make Your 2010 Predictions!

By kevin 

Our TVNewser Challenge polls opened on New Year’s Eve and they’ll close tomorrow at midnight. Vote how you think things will pan out in 2010.

Which cable news network will draw the most viewers for the 2010 State of the Union?(survey software)

How many broadcast network Sunday shows will end the year with a different host than they started?(polls)

At the end of 2010, Glenn Beck will be…(answers)

Compared to 2009, the evening news audience on the broadcast networks will…(survey software)

Where will Lou Dobbs be by the end of the year?(answers)

Which cable network will end 2010 with the same evening (5pm-12am) lineup?(online surveys)

Pick your over/under for the number of documentaries CNBC will premiere in 2010:(survey)