Larry Kudlow to Chair Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers

By Chris Ariens 

Pres.-elect Trump plans to appoint CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow the chairman of his White House Council of Economic Advisers, according to the Detroit News. Conservative economist Stephen Moore disclosed Kudlow’s appointment during a speech to the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce today.

The CEA, established by Congress in 1946, “is charged with offering the President objective economic advice on the formulation of both domestic and international economic policy.” It is comprised of three people: a chairman and two members.

Kudlow has been CNBC’s senior contributor since 2014. Before that, beginning in 2005, he hosted two evening programs for CNBC: the Kudlow Report and Kudlow & Company. From 2002-2005 he co-hosted Kudlow & Cramer alongside Jim Cramer.


Kudlow, who served in Pres. Reagan’s first term in the Office of Management and Budget, is the second prominent member of the media today to be tapped for a job in the Trump White House. Earlier today, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley was named director of strategic communications for the NSC.

Kudlow was last on CNBC Tuesday on Power Lunch, where he was identified as “an informal adviser to President-elect Trump.” No comment from CNBC at this point.