Larry King Says He’s A Journalist Some Nights & Infotainment Other Nights

By Brian 

In the November issue of Details, Larry King answers a few questions about life and ‘Live.’ Here’s a sample:

  Q: The guys who call baseball games are broadcasters. You interview presidents. Doesn’t that make you a journalist?

A: It’s a hairline difference. When I interview Bush, you’re right, I’m a journalist. But when I do pictures of Tom Cruise’s baby, I’m infotainment.

Q: I hope these questions are softball enough for you. Anyone who writes about you says that those are the only ones you like.

A: I never understood that. I don’t have an agenda, and maybe that’s what they don’t like. In today’s world, people take the tack of ‘You creep! What were you thinking?’ All you learn is that these two guys don’t like each other. Who cares?