Larry King Returns To Brooklyn

By Alex Weprin 

Former CNN host Larry King is profiled in the Wall Street Journal. The Journal accompanies King to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. King attends a Brooklyn Nets game at the new Barclays Center: as the WSJ notes, it will be the first professional sporting event King has attended in Brooklyn since 1957.

King now has a web-show on, although as he found out, that isn’t entirely well-known. Also: when he wants to tweet he calls someone, who tweets his thoughts for him:

He was at the Nets game early, because he hated being late. The Nets asked him to do an interview before the game. Strangers walked up and said they missed seeing him on TV. He was on TV, he told them—on the Internet. He had a show on Ora.TV, called Larry King Now. They’d built him a handsome set in L.A. He’d also been doing shows in New York.


“I just did Kevin Bacon today,” he said. “Was he terrific! Wow.”

He and Marty took their seats at center court, about seven rows up. Larry pulled a clamshell phone from his leather jacket.

“I’m going to call in a tweet!” he announced.

He wasn’t kidding. Larry had a producer who would take his words and convert them into Twitter messages. He said something about being at his first Brooklyn game since ’57. Not long after it was up online, for 2.3 million followers.