Lara Logan Self-Quarantines Following Reporting Trip to Africa

By Chris Ariens 

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.17.41 PMIt’s rare for a “60 Minutes” correspondent not to introduce their own story. Tonight, Lara Logan, back for her second story this season, reported from Libera on the Ebola outbreak, and the American medical professionals trying to help contain it. Scott Pelley introduced Logan’s story adding that she was on a 21-day self-quarantine.

Logan and her crew were in close proximity to confirmed cases. Her stand-up was done in front of a man named George, who survived, and his son William, who didn’t. Logan is quarantined in her native South Africa and talked about the experience, via FaceTime, with “60 Minutes” overtime.

Geoff Mabberley, a high desk adviser working for CBS News, traveled with the team and is also quarantined. His job was to make sure that Logan and her team did not come in contact with Ebola.


“Geoff just watched us every minute of the day,” Logan says. “[He] sprayed us with chlorine and disinfected everything: the drivers, the cars, the luggage – every time you got out, came out of somewhere.”