Kurtz: Media “Covering Obama As If He Were Already President”

By SteveK 

Howard Kurtz and a Reliable Sources panel took on whether the media’s coverage of Sen. Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East was fair.

“The media in general, not just the networks, are, seem to me to be, covering Obama as if we already president,” said Kurtz.

National Review columnist David Frum gave a nice backhanded compliment to the networks. “In defense of the networks, I’d have to say, compared to the news weeklies, they’re paragons in objectivity,” he said.

As reporters and anchors begin to get their “exclusives” (presuming they follow the campaign’s rules), ABC’s Martha Raddatz had some advice. “He’s there. Is he a leader? Is he a foreign leader? Can he do this?” she said of reports so far. “We cannot let that be the whole story. We just can’t. They have to be tough questions. It is a complicated issue.”

Sen. John McCain got his two cents in today’s news cycle, appearing on the three network morning shows this morning. On ABC’s Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer asked if he thought the press coverage was, “unfair.” “It is what it is,” he said.

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