Kurtz Copies Abrams — All is Well

By SteveK 

The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar writes about the similarities between a March 11 Beat the Press segment on Live with Dan Abrams and a March 16 portion of CNN’s Reliable Sources.

With material as juicy as the Eliot Spitzer FBI affidavit, everyone from The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart to CNN’s John Roberts have quoted from the document. But MSNBC’s Abrams and Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources put together a similar compilation of news anchors delivering the line from “Kristen,” “Listen dude, do you really want the sex?”

Sklar talked to Kurtz and Abrams about the segments. Kurtz said that, “We don’t monitor every minute of the Abrams show, fine program though it is,” he said.


And Abrams was satisfied. “I am a big fan of Howard and his show so I am glad to see that when it comes to ‘beating the press,’ we are sometimes using a similar club!” he said.