Kudos For CNN’s Black History

By Brian 

I swear this e-mailer isn’t from CNN:

“I’d really like to take a moment to note how surprisingly excellent CNN’s recognition of Black History Month has been this year. Most years (and on most nets) BHM coverage ranges from preachy to patronizing, with a few token PSAs dropped in. As a black viewer, I was pleased that CNN’s series on black power (“who are the new black leaders?”) actually managed to tackle whether Sharpton and Jackson were outdated, believe it or not.

I’ve learned new things beyond MLK, via great packages such as the one on retired black CIA spy; and Soledad O’Brien‘s MLK special actually broke new ground in coverage instead of warming over the same tired MLK story angles.

Most notably, with these things and the Paula Zahn ‘Out in the Open’ segments, CNN is simply presenting this stuff… not delivering it amidst a blare of self-aware, self-congratulatory BHM context.”