Kosinski Wanted To Show Deeper Water, But The Lights & Mics Wouldn’t Cooperate

By Brian 

Michelle Kosinski, who “looked like a grown woman in a nice outfit paddling her way around the kiddie pool” last week, explains what really happened in today’s Observer:

  Kosinski arrived early to practice paddling around. She had been in a canoe before, she said, but never by herself, and never in waters any rougher than a slow-moving stream. They tried to set up the shot at an intersection where the water was waist-high and the current was strong, but ‘they couldn’t light it,’ Ms. Kosinski said. ‘The microphone was wireless and it wasn’t working, and with all the equipment, they couldn’t wade out into the deep water.’

So producers asked Ms. Kosinski to paddle to where the water was shallower. She did. She wasn’t happy about it. But she did.

‘Even though I wanted to show deeper water, in the end I said O.K. I didn’t really think it was inappropriate,’ she said.

Her “one lingering concern” is that “it might have looked to some people like we were trying to put something over on viewers. That would just be idiotic,” she says…