Koppel: WNT “Off To A Nice, Clean Start;” Still Won’t Comment On Nightline

By Brian 

Ted Koppel‘s reviews of ABC’s revamped news programming, via a Q&A in Broadcasting & Cable:

 What do you think of the new ABC World News Tonight?

I thought they were off to a nice, clean start. I see two very talented younger reporters who are now starting to spread their wings as anchors. I know that Bob Woodruff has more experience, especially as a foreign correspondent, than Elizabeth Vargas has. But they’re both very smart, very attractive, very talented people, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t be a huge success.

What about the new Nightline?

Don’t read anything into this. I said on the occasion of my farewell party that the one gift I could give them was not to comment on how they were doing or what they were doing for several months. I know how difficult it is to do a new program and even more difficult to take an existing program and make it your own.