Koppel To Cable: Discovery Networks

By Brian 

“After hot pursuit by several television organizations, Ted Koppel said today he is joining Discovery Networks, a dark-horse contender that won his services with a whirlwind courtship,” the WP’s Howard Kurtz writes.

The NYT’s Bill Carter adds: Koppel and Tom Bettag, who will be joined by eight other former staff members of “Nightline,” will produce a series of special news programs, at least six a year, for Discovery, the cable channel that specializes in nonfiction programming. The three-year deal commences immediately, with Mr. Koppel’s first program set for sometime in the fall.”

Discovery’s talks with Koppel began within the last month, the WP said. Kurtz’s source “said [Koppel] was attracted by Discovery’s flexibility and enthusiasm…”

> Update: 11:02am: Romenesko has the press release.