Koppel Exits: Coulda Been A Point Kicker

By Brian 

“Everyone keeps asking Ted Koppel what he’s going to do next and how he feels about leaving Nightline,” the Washington Post says, but no one “has asked ‘about my deep, burning desire, my ambition to be a point kicker for the Redskins.'”

Kathy Blumenstock explains: “Koppel’s football fantasy is not totally tongue-in-cheek: As a soccer player at Syracuse University, Koppel approached then-football coach Ben Schwartzwalder and offered to kick extra points for the team.”

“I still had an English accent, and I was not the imposing figure I am today,” Koppel says. “He took one look at me and said, ‘We don’t have an extra position.'”

It would have been a big deal…