Koppel Exits: “Corks Popped And The Champagne And The Tears Flowed”

By Brian 

“According to a source,” when Ted Koppel was done taping his closing thought, “the studio doors flew open on cue and a hundred or more staffers, family members, and friends, gathered to salute him and former executive producer Tom Bettag,” Broadcasting & Cable says.

“Corks popped and the champagne and the tears flowed.

The celebration included a tribute reel of clips from Koppel’s career that had also run at the anchor’s going-away party at the Kennedy Center last week.

The studio’s big screen went to black for a moment, then a second tribute began, a collection of tributes, in fact, from luminaries including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Henry Kissinger, the late Simon Wiesenthal (he died in September), and Henry Winkler. (More tributes will likely be added to the tape before it is presented to Koppel.)”

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