King’s 50th Anniversary: Morning Papers

By Brian 

Larry King “has been in broadcasting for 50 years, 22 of them at CNN.” And in April, his network will celebrate that 50th anniversary with a King-Sized Week, “including a two-hour pop culture special, a roast, and a special Larry King Live with Katie Couric interviewing King,” USA Today reports.

Other morning papers links:

> Toronto Sun: “Here is Larry King’s take on TV’s obsession with younger demos, those viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. ‘Technically,’ says King, ‘what you’re saying is, I don’t appeal to myself…'”

> LA Daily News: “King admitted that his show has become more celebrity-driven and less news-oriented over the years…”

> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “I’d like to do a show on Broadway, maybe for a week, a one-man show,” King told reporters…