King Wants McCain To Make Good on Palin Promise

By SteveK 

Larry King Live has not seen Sen. John McCain as a guest since July or Gov. Sarah Palin as a guest ever. And now the program is making a public appeal.

A post on King’s blog asks if “LKL” is next to “make up” with McCain, following David Letterman.

Appearing before the Palin pick had been made, McCain said on the CNN program, “I want to say that the vice presidential candidate will be on your show. I will not risk the wrath of Larry King, I want to assure you.”

But so far, no luck. And in the wake of the Tucker Bounds-Campbell Brown showdown, McCain canceled a King appearance as well.

This week Brian Williams will interview Palin and McCain for the NBC Nightly News, making CNN the only network yet to interview the GOP VP candidate.

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Embedded video from CNN Video