Keith Olbermann’s Comment After His Involuntary 4-Day Weekend: “This was not a publicity stunt”

By Molly Stark Dean 

Keith Olbermann was suspended indefinitely on Friday from “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” due to his campaign contributions as reported by Politico. And then, MSNBC announced on Sunday that Olbermann would be back on Tuesday (tonight).

So what did he have to say for himself?

Olbermann (sheepishly out of frame) mumbled: “Oh, hi. So, uh, what’s new?”

The MSNBC anchor continued: “This was not a publicity stunt…Of course, if I had known that all this would happen, I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO.”

  • Update: Guest filmmaker Michael Moore: “Next time, turn yourself into a corporation.” Olbermann: “Thank you kindly. Thank you for all your help in that.” The anchor is referring to Moore’s help in the petition to keep Olbermann on MSNBC.
  • Update: Olbermann in “Lean Forward” commercial.
  • Update: Olbermann read @jaketapper tweet before his “Oddball” segment: “Congrats to @KeithOlbermann for his nomination for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council! Sorry @ConanOBrien (sad face)”
  • Update: Before the next commercial break Olbermann says: “Next, just my luck, I get a 4-day weekend AFTER the World Series is over.”
  • Update: Olbermann says that he’s still “stunned, and grateful and it still feels like a universal hug.” He then goes on to make three apologies, lots of thanks to his supporters, and plays all of the comedy segments mentioning his suspension.
  • Update: Olbermann: “Seven days since the Republicans took control of the House…” He then ended the show with a toss to Rachel Maddowand thanked her for her support.

Video of Olbermann responding to his suspension is after the jump…