Keith Olbermann Gets the ‘New York Times Magazine’ Treatment

By Alex Weprin 

Image Credit: Kristian Hammerstad for the "New York Times"

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann continues to make the media rounds. Following up on the interviews in The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone and the AP, Olbermann is profiled for the New York Times Magazine by David Carr. Carr joins Olbermann at a New York Yankees game, where the host takes advantage of an opportunity presented by their seats.

“Switch seats with me,” he said pleasantly. “I want to be in the Fox Sports shot of home plate. They usually cut it off right here,” he said, indicating the arm of the seat between us. “It’s fun to mess with them.”

Not only were we inches away from the field, but Olbermann was on television, messing with the heads of his sworn enemies at Fox. It was a wonderful place for him to be, second only to that lone seat in front of the camera. He has missed it.

Later, he recalled a time when he spotted FNCer Bill O’Reilly at a Yankees game.

Olbermann is enough of a student of sports to know that you can’t really lose punching up, although he comes by his animus for O’Reilly honestly. “I’ve seen him here at Yankee Stadium, and every time I looked in his direction, he was looking at me and immediately looked away,” he said. “What I can’t stand about him is that he never, ever says he is wrong. He is slower in correcting his mistakes than the Catholic Church was in acknowledging they got it wrong about Galileo.”