Katrina’s First Landfall: 5 Years Ago Today

By Chris Ariens 

It is the second landfall — on Monday, Aug. 29, 2005 — that did the most damage: the storm surge, the breached levies, the horrible aftermath along the Gulf coast that would leave more than 1,800 people in seven states dead.

But it was five years ago today that Hurricane Katrina made its first landfall — in South Florida.

The storm had intensified rapidly from a Tropical Storm into a Category One storm when it made landfall along the Broward/Miami-Dade county line on Thursday, August 25.

As the storm crossed Florida and moved back into the Gulf of Mexico, many tvnewsers knew it was going to be a long weekend of extended coverage. Were you one of them? If so, drop us an email and tell us about your experience. We’ll share them with our TVNewser readers in the coming days.

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