Katrina: “Where Are The Broadcast Nets?,” Part Three

By Brian 

Some of the responses to “Where Are The Broadcast Nets?:”

> “The conduct of the broadcast networks during this historic catastrophe has been disgraceful and inexcusable. August 30, 2005 may have been the most terrible day for the U.S. since September 11th, 2001, and I can’t experience any of it for more than 30 minutes of an evening unless I own a cable of box?”

> “I am astonished, truly astonished, by the lack of broadcast network coverage of the New Orleans situation. Even the cable networks aren’t in the wall-to-wall coverage I’d expect. And when they are in coverage they are spending increasing time on related issues such as gas prices, strategic reserve, etc.”

> “What’s all the fuss about? How much cable and satellite penetration is there in the U.S.? People can’t get news about Katrina? Come on…it’s wall to wall on the cable nets, and surely wall to wall in the regional TV markets most affected. Plus, there’s the internet and newspapers. Who exactly doesn’t have an outlet to get news about Katrina? I’ll tell you who. It’s the people with no electricity in Katrina’s path. No amount of network coverage is going to assist there.”
> “Where’s Katie Couric? Shouldn’t she have been called back from whereever she is to cover this historic event?”