Katrina: Thurs. Afternoon Notes

By Brian 

> “CNN will change its branding later today… from Hurricane Headquarters to State of Emergency, complete with graphics and animation package,” a tipster says…

> “As of 3pm today, CNN has received more than 11,500 e-mails from citizen journalists,” the network says. “More than 650 of these submissions have included either video or images. CNN’s Victims and Relief Desk, has received approximately 11,000 emails since it began the morning of Wednesday, Aug 31.”

> CNN has scheduled a three-hour special called “How You Can Help” from 8 to 11pm on Saturday. Larry King will host the program. “The focus will be on relief efforts and what people can do to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.”

> Fox News is now calling the story “America’s Challenge,” complete with a logo and music.

> CBSNews.com is publishing a Katrina blog: “A running list compiled by CBSNews.com staffers of the latest developments in the Hurricane Katrina disaster…”

> MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson will host tonight’s Situation from Slidell, Louisiana…

> From The Weather Channel blog: Many staffers were in tears after a TWC staff meeting today. “I can’t describe the welling up of emotion in the room. As tired and fatigued and overwhelmed as all of us are, we realize this is so, so much bigger than our individual sacrifices…”