Katrina: The View From The Air

By Brian 

Some of the most important images of the devestation are being captured by videographers in the skies. NBC’s Kerry Sanders and his crew has been bringing back video from choppers above the Gulf Coast.

“If you wondered how we get you the pictures, it requires some creativity,” he blogs. “We would like to give you live coverage, but the microwave signal from the chopper needs to go to a receiver on the ground. Typically we use the receive dish on a local TV station’s transmitter. But WDSU’s transmitter is under water. There is no power. So we record the videotape and when I see an NBC uplink truck we land and I run over to feed it in. It is not organized. The trucks are constantly moving and there is difficult coordination with our news desk in New Jersey because the satellite phones are not always working.

He says the biggest problem is fuel…