Katrina: Simple Questions Have No Answers, Shep Reports From New Orleans

By Brian 

Shep Smith‘s reporting on Hannity & Colmes was riveting last night. Here is an excerpt:

“Right now, the convoy happening behind me is all of those brave and thankful — man, they’re thankful for them — rescue workers. But a curfew is on, and they’re headed out of the city…The people on the Interstate 10 bridge are alone again tonight with their babies and their elderlies. And they need help that they’re not getting…

It may be because they were worried about chaos in other places if too many people were gathered. There’s just no answer to that question.It’s one of the first stories I’ve ever covered where questions as simple as, ‘Why do the people on the easily accessible bridge not get food and water, and don’t even get instructions of where to go to get food, and water, and medical attention?’

It’s the first time I’ve ever not known the answer to that. And I’m not sure there is an answer.
There may be nowhere for them to go yet.

The government said, ‘You go here, and you’ll get help,’ or, ‘You go in that Superdome and you’ll get help.’ And they didn’t get help. They got locked in there. And they watched people being killed around them. And they watched people starving. And they watched elderly people not get any medicine. And now they know it’s happening, because we’ve been telling them repeatedly over and over every day…

I’m sure every caring human being who is out here volunteering his time, or who wears a badge for a living because he loves his fellow man, or who goes out to fight fires because he loves his fellow man, wants people to get help. But they’re not getting it.”