Katrina: Saturday Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> What happened to Tucker Carlson last night? “About five minutes before midnight, Tucker throws to break. Then the NBC Hurricane Concert starts, and Tucker never comes back to finish the show,” an e-mailer says…

> This blogger wonders, are CNN and FNC covering the same disaster? (Via Media Blog)

> “Soledad O’Brien is now prompting hurricane victims for the responses she wants,” an e-mailer says. “When one victim tried to make light of something and laughed, Soledad scowled and said ‘You’re laughing, but you’re really angry, right?'”

> Are Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas becoming ABC co-anchors? That’s how it looks on the air this week…

> FishbowlDC: “TV Shifts to ‘Appalling Images.'” FishbowlNY: “Fox News: Perserverance, friend, perserverance.”

> Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ll try to keep the blogging up through the long weekend…