Katrina: on ‘Today’ & GMA

By Brian 

“Watching the Today Show and GMA with audio going back and forth, both ABC and NBC had ALL GUNS BLAZING out in the field,” an e-mailer says. “NBC had a Weather Plus guy in Biloxi, Brian Williams in New Orleans, Lester Holt and Campbell Brown standing by in other areas.”

On GMA, “Sam Champion from WABC was in studio doing weather updates infront of a weather map screen. In the field Bill Weir, Jeffrey Coffman, David Muir in the Superdome by phone, and Tony Perkins.”

> Charlie Gibson‘s track went out in the GMA open and he apparently threw his pen down in disgust…

> NBC’s Carl Quintanilla had scary videophone reports from downtown New Orleans. “One of the most serious things about this hurricane is what a city looks like when it’s torn to shreds.”

> NBC’s Donna Gregory said she couldn’t tell viewers how high the winds are, “but I’m almost swept off my feet.”