Katrina: O’Brien Blogs Baton Rouge Move

By Brian 

“After several hours of considering all kinds of logistical and safety issues, we have decided to move to Baton Rouge,” CNN’s Miles O’Brien blogs. “The hotel location near the French Quarter in New Orleans was good for our personal safety (we could operate out of the fourth floor in an interior hallway during the worst of it), but parking the satellite truck would be a problem.”

The ride to Baton Rouge is only 80 miles long, but it “might as well be half a solar system tonight.”

A couple hours later he blogged: “Continental flight 716 is a virtual charter for us this morning as we start steaming for the Crescent City. Producer Dana Garrett is joined by a crew from ABC News, CNN’s Adora Udoji and one couple prematurely ending their New York vacation to return home and nail plywood to their window frames.”