Katrina: Objectivity Out The Window

By Brian 

A TVNewser contributor writes in:

IMHO, if ever there was a time for news media to quit ‘objectively’ reporting the news and start demanding answers and accountability from government at all levels, this is it.

CNN right now is showing split-screen of Michael Chertoff mouthing platitudes about how the government “totally understands” the pain of people hunkering down on their roofs, etc., but that they have to follow procedures and priorities in getting to them, and on the other side, footage of the crowds of families and children at the convention center chanting ‘We want help! We want help!’

Kyra Phillips anchoring has almost lost it, as one of the reporters brought in this footage, which includes more than one or two bodies of people who have died at the convention center waiting for help that isn’t coming.

Chertoff and Brown and Blanco and Bush et al should be very, very grateful Phillips isn’t attending their press conferences and in a position to ask direct questions.”

Later this afternoon, Jack Cafferty nearly blew his top about the situation, as well.

This week, the media is performing a public service. This week, the media may save lives — if the government hurries…