Katrina: New Orleans, Four Weeks Later: “There’s Nothing,” Shep Smith Says

By Brian 

“The water came in and ruined lives, not for the short term but forever,” FNC’s Shep Smith said on Studio B yesterday. He anchored from St. Bernard’s Perish near New Orleans, four weeks after Katrina swept through. “These homes will never be reconstructed or they will never be lived in as they are now. They can’t be fixed up. That’s not in an isolated area. That goes for miles and miles and miles.”

He compared it to New York City in September 2001:

“That feeling and that smell in that neighborhood around Ground Zero after 9/11 is just like this. Rebuilding the city with the military the helm and the people missing…The inhabitants of this new New Orleans are mostly guys like this, military, National Guard workers who turn on power and clean up streets and try to reclaim the city. But regular New Orleaneans would real have no place to go. There is a little bit of power. There’s no place to eat. There are no hospitals to visit. No pharmacies to get medicine. There’s nothing…”