Katrina: “Let Them Go — Let Them Out Of Here,” Geraldo Cries

By Brian 

Geraldo Rivera broke down in tears on Hannity & Colmes tonight. He reported from the New Orleans Convention Center:

“I got a baby. You know I have a baby. There are so many babies here. It’s just not — Everyone’s — It’s not — You know — I — I —

It’s not a question of objectivity, it’s a question of reality. This is — How do — how do — I don’t know, man. I don’t know. Let them walk out of here. Let them walk the hell outta here. Let them get on that interstate and walk…”

Then a few minutes later:

“Look in the face of the baby. This is it. This is it, no sugercoating, no political spin, no Republicans or Democrats. People suffering. Let them go. Let them out of here. Let them GO. Let them walk over this damn interstate and let them out of here.” Johnny Dollar’s Place has the videotape…

> “Geraldo looks like he’s doing LIVE reports for the Christian Children’s Fund. He’s demonstrating that he is NOT a reporter, he’s a former talk show host,” an e-mailer says…

> Update: 11:29pm: Another viewer writes in: “During the O’Reilly Factor Geraldo and Shep became so emotional and so unprofessional, that O’Reilly reeled them in and said….OK Shep, OK Geraldo, we get the picture. But on Hannity and Comes, they were allowed to basically vent…”