Katrina: Late Night Notes

By Brian 

> Weather Channel met Stu Ostro blogs on Weather.com: “I started forecasting the weather professionally 25 years ago and I’ve not seen anything like this since then.”

> 8:06pm: After the toss to him in New Orleans, CNN’s David Mattingly called Fredericka Whitfield Katrina, as in “We’re still on Bourbon Street, Katrina.”

> “Fox seems to have improved their coverage significantly since the last storm,” a viewer writes.

> FNC’s Jeff Goldblatt said if the hurricane moves to the east of NOLA, it will mean the difference between “getting smacked by a semi and getting run over by a freight train.”

> Brian Williams reported live from the Superdome on MSNBC.

> Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson anchored some of MSNBC’s coverage tonight. Sean McLaughlin provided the WX play-by-play. “Chris Matthews??? Is this the only star they have? At least bring in Lester Holt…Why is a political commentator anchoring a hurricane?,” an e-mailer asks…

> 9pm: “Sean McLaughlin on MSNBC was just in a power lift with a tape measure to show how high the storm surge could be in New Orleans, and at nearly 20 ft he was at the roof of the studio.”

> FNC is relying on AccuWeather.com meteorologists quite a bit in the overnight…

> “How many times can CNN interrupt its reporters and anchors with commercials that remind us that they are ‘Hurricane HQ’ while FNC and MSNBC continue with live, nearly-continuous coverage?,” an e-mailer wonders…