Katrina: Harrigan “Can Still Stand Up”

By Brian 

Steve Harrigan is dominating FNC’s excellent coverage of Katrina. He stands at a 90 degree angle to the camera, buffeted by the winds, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

“Oh, a big chunk of the roof just fell off,” Harrigan said during Fox & Friends. “That’ll be blowing at you shortly,” Brian Kilmeade replied.

Here’s my favorite comment from his live shots thus far: “I’ve seen these reporters hold up they’re little anemometers but it always seemed like kind of goofy news to me to hold something like that up and, whoaaa, pretend you’re an expert when you’re not. This is as hard as it’s been, I can tell you that. I just judge it by whether or can stand up or not. So far I can still stand up.”

Harrigan is also refreshingly blunt during his reports.

“People are asking me what the storm surge is going to do,” Harrigan said, referring to the lack of information available in the area. “I’m lucky if I can stand up, I don’t know what the storm surge is going to do.”

“Steve Harrigan is doing an amazing job riding this thing out. He’s staring down the hurricane without hyping anything up,” an e-mailer says.

More Harrigan highlights after the jump…

“We’re seeing quite a bit of debris fly. Every time that gust kicks up, I’ll tell you it’s gotten to that scary level right now. We’re seeing debris just fill the air, fly off…we’re seeing gutters from the hotel, little piece of the hotel. The concern here is this giant metal sign behind me is going to go. You can see these trees buckling as well.”

“This is just like a white sheet, like a wall just coming straight here. And every time it does, little parts of the building just fly by in the air. The whole forest now is literally littered with little pieces of the hotel.”

“Aw man, he told me to hold on to this cable and I can’t do it.”

“Whoaaaa, awww man, I think this wind can knock me down. We’ll find out.”

“Whoaaaa, man, I’m getting out of here, whoaaa, a big chunk of roof just landed about three feet from me. I’ll be back up next hour.”