Katrina: Frightening Trip To Houston

By Brian 

This morning on Fox & Friends, Fox News Correspondent Jeff Goldblatt reported on the danger and chaos as he and his crew made a 319-mile trek to the Astro Dome in Houston.

“As hopeful a picture as it is right here at the Astro Dome today, it was down right dismal in New Orleans last night. Safety a big issue. To such a degree, we were forced to leave New Orleans.

We were in our hotel last night. We were preparing to close down shop for the day when our hotel
told us, you know what, you have got to go. The police that are staying in his hotel, they are leaving,
too. So when the police leave, we have to go, too.

For our own safety, the director of security from the hotel gave us his blue light which he uses as an undercover police officer. We mounted that on our dashboard. Through dark streets we drove, trying to find the one way out of town. One of the last impressions our crew had was a Ryder truck, and inside two or three guys. The back hatch was wide open, and in the front seat was a guy who saw us…he saw the blue police light and he was waving an assault rifle at us. A couple of seconds later we heard a shot fired. We don’t think that those two incidents were in any way connected, but an indication of the chaos in New Orleans.”