Katrina: “A Lot Of Heartbreak” In Houston

By Brian 

Earlier this afternoon, Shep Smith asked Greta Van Susteren what refugees find when they arrive at the Astrodome in Houston:
“I can tell you one thing, Shep, they will run into a city which meets them right here where I am at the Astrodome. Someone boards the bus and first thing that’s said to these people is Welcome to Houston and we’re going to try to take care of you.

They’re taken in the astrodome, 5,000 last night, over the nighttime, they added another 10,000…15,000. You can feel the overwhelming capacity. The city is bending over backwards to do what it can. There’s pressure on this city and pressure inside that astrodome. They need more help.

This is a very dire situation in here. I tip my hat to the city of Houston, because they are doing their very best. They need help. They need wheelchairs. They need medicines. They need more volunteers. They need a lot of help here because things are very dismal here, but at least for the moment, spirits seem to be relatively good among many, but of course, there’s a lot of heartbreak here…”