Katie’s Tour: Hand Over The Pen…

By Brian 

WCCO invited a local blogger to today’s Katie Couric town hall meeting in Minneapolis, but they took away his pen.

Just before start time, organizers pulled Matt Bartel out of the auditorium. They said “that they’d become aware of the fact that I had a blog,” Bartel said. So they offered him a choice: surrender his notebook or leave. He didn’t want to hand over the notebook, so they reached a compromise: he gave up his pen.

The Star Tribune says: “Not that there was much to take notes on anyway, Bartel said later. ‘No one said anything all that remarkable. And even with the interesting things that were said, I can’t imagine it would make any difference.'”

Bartel is talking about the town hall on his blog, MNSpeak. He says Couric “asked lots of questions and spent more time listening than talking.” But he doesn’t think the listening will make much of an impact…