Katie’s Goodbye: She Was The “Ultimate Morning Show Personality”

By Brian 

From the moment Katie Couric entered Alan Sepinwall‘s mornings, there was only one thought in his mind: “She’s a robot, right?”

In Wednesday’s Star-Ledger, the TV critic writes: “I didn’t mean that as a dig, honestly. It’s just that Katie was so perfectly suited to each and every demand of being the co-host of ‘Today’ that I figured she had to be the end product of some artificial intelligence collective like the one that gave David Hasselhoff a snooty Trans Am on the series ‘Knight Rider.’

That, or she was birthed by some eugenics lab that had studied the DNA strands of Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw, David Hartman, Jane Pauley, Dave Garroway, and Corky Sherwood from ‘Murphy Brown’ and combined the best of them to create the ultimate morning show personality.” More…