Katie Debuts: Morning Papers, Part 3

By Brian 

> Detroit Free Press: “The perkiness was a no-show…”

> Miami Herald: “Sleek new set with giant videoboard: check. Rousing new theme from the guy who wrote the Titanic score: check. Catchy sign-off phrase laden with mystic overtones: well, not exactly, but covered by a clever pitch for viewers to offer suggestions. Actual news content: Ummm…”

> Albany Times Union: “The maiden voyage proved very promising…”

> SF Chronicle: “One thing was evident about the new CBS Evening News: It was different. Softer might be a better word for it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

> South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “Katie Couric’s historic opening night as anchor of the CBS Evening News was remarkably unremarkable…”

> Baltimore Sun: “Couric’s new electric blue and gold set is circular rather than flat; it clearly is built to direct viewers’ eyes back to the anchorwoman at its center. She seemingly is surrounded by endless surfaces of glass in which her image is reflected. It is a narcissist’s dream…”

> TV Barn: “The pace of Tuesday’s telecast was brisk. The story mix seemed about as interesting as a 22-minute newscast can be these days…”

> Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Her first newscast was packaged in a slick manner that attempted to stress both substance and style…”

> Contra Costa Times: “She even was bold enough to flash viewers a bit of her sense of humor…”

> Orlando Sentinel: “She handled the intense focus with good humor. She was like a gracious, down-to-earth host, trying to start a dialogue with viewers…”