Katie Couric Turned Down Larry King’s Job?

By Chris Ariens 

The NYPost reports that CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric “made it known to CNN brass that she wasn’t a candidate for [Larry] King’s job” and that Couric is now prepared to stay at CBS News and in the anchor chair.

“She didn’t want to be the knight on a white horse again,” said a source close to the situation about a potential move to CNN.

The Post reports talks are ongoing for Couric to remain at CBS with the possibility of having her own production company “that could create specials and perhaps syndicated daytime shows for CBS.”

And as CBS and CNN continue talks about sharing resources and news costs, there is the possibility that Couric could still turn up on CNN.

Giving Couric a production deal would allow CBS to cut her salary in one area — as news anchor — but let Katie make up for the lost salary elsewhere. A cost-sharing with CBS that would permit Couric to appear on CNN, in exchange for the cable news channel picking up a piece of her salary.

Update: The Los Angeles TimesMatea Gold weighs in on the Post report, rebutting the notion that Couric has turned down an offer from CNN:

But a source familiar with the situation said Couric has not turned down an offer from CNN and has not begun negotiating with anyone about what she will do after her current contract expires in 2011. Couric appears to be leaving the door open to pursuing a variety of options, including remaining at CBS. Negotiations with that network are not expected to begin until the fall.

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