Kathie Lee on “That One Huge, Horrendous, Stupid Mistake”…P.S. Barbara Walters Loves You

By Chris Ariens 

Last night on her SIRIUS satellite radio show, Barbara Walters talked with newly anointed Today show anchor Kathie Lee Gifford about her new gig and her old wounds:

Gifford: “I love my kids, I have a very deep faith in God, I love my country, I forgave my husband a terrible mistake and I was completely exonerated from any sweatshop charges. So you say to yourself: ‘remind me now of what it is that I did that was so awful?’ And I don’t know what the answer to that would be.”

Walters: “How do you get over that? Because all of those things are true and you became almost a joke. And you’re not. I happen to love you and you know it.”


Gifford: “You have to live in your own truths. I knew what kind of man my husband is, and was and will be. You all have known Frank forever…”

Bill Geddie: “He’s a great guy.”

Gifford: “He is one of the dearest, kindest most loving men. And he broke my heart, he ripped my heart out — but when I would measure what he has given me in my life with that one huge, horrendous, stupid mistake. He suffered enough for it. I wish people could forgive it and forget it like I have.”