Kathie Lee, Hoda Discuss ‘Toast of 2014’

By Brian Flood 

hodaNBC is ringing in the New Year with “A Toast to 2014!,” a star-studded year-end look at 2014’s buzziest stories, hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The two-hour special airs December 31 at 8 pm ET.

TVNewser recently caught up with Kathie Lee and Hoda to discuss tonight’s event.

TVNewser: What is your favorite moment of 2014?

Hoda: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. It was my favorite moment.

KLG: Really? That was your favorite moment of the year? A song?

Hoda: Yes, it was the most joyful moment of 2014. That song just puts you in a good mood and I cannot stop thinking about it.

KLG: Mine was going to Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs’ wedding. It was about the most joyful I’ve been to see these two young people find each other. To know what she went through just three years ago, thinking that no one would ever love her or desire her. And Jason is madly in love with her and its truly, if I put up any couple, its such a true love story. Its just magnificent.

TVNewser: Who gets your vote for most powerful couple of ’14?

KLG: As far as the industry goes, I’m going to have to say Beyonce and Jay Z. They are THE power couple.

Hoda: Yeah, agreed.

TVNewser: Who was the best dressed celebrity of 2014?

Hoda: Amal Clooney.

KLG: I think so too.

Hoda:Without a doubt.

KLG:  Yeah, I would have said Lupita Nyong’o.

Hoda: Lupita was up there.

KLG: I would say her, except that Amal just came out of nowhere.

Hoda: Yeah, it was a big surprise for all of us.

TVNewser: How about the worst dressed?

Hoda: I don’t know, me? (laughs)

KLG: No, you always look terrific!

TVNewser: How many “selfies” did you take in 2014? Be honest.

Hoda: Oh my god. I probably took 200. No, probably 200-plus.

KLG: I’ve never taken one of myself ever. I took some with people though.

Hoda: That’s because she doesn’t know how to take a selfie!

KLG: Yes I do know how to take a selfie! But I just call them self-absorbies, not selfies.

TVNewser: I started to ask “will you be drinking on NYE?” But we know the answer is yes. So, what will you be drinking?

KLG: What else? Wine!