Kaplan To CBS: Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

By Brian 

> Washington Post: “Having a woman in the anchor chair is something the audience needs to get used to. They will.”

> New York Times: “All the daddy figures are gone. If we do the program right, the viewers will come.”

> The Hollywood Reporter: “The broadcast is clearly not broken. I understand, it’s not surprising that the (Big Three) newscasts line up they way they do. CBS went through the biggest change of anybody.”

> Los Angeles Times: “We’ve got serious problems in the world. By the time you get to the 6:30 show, the audience kind of knows all the headlines, but they want to know what to make of it. They’re looking for serious solutions.”

> NY Daily News: “It starts with Katie. She’s a great journalist. We have the CBS News network, which is an extraordinary culture with some of the most talented, dedicated people in front of and behind the camera.”