Kaplan To CBS: “Plan B”

By Brian 

Some TV writer points of view about Katie Couric, from Sunday’s Reliable Sources:

&middot Eric Deggans: “All of the predictions that critics had made about what would happen to the newscast have happened.”

&middot David Zurawik: “It’s giving CBS too much of a break to say this is about the woman. They made a million mistakes…”

&middot Gail Shister: “It’s the content. There is a problem with the content. They have to rearrange everything. And I happen to think that Rick Kaplan is the perfect person to do this… What I’ve been hearing from people at CBS is that it’s been pretty much Katie’s way from the beginning, and clearly it’s not working. And they need somebody who’s going to come in and say ‘this is the way it’s going to be…'”

Howard Kurtz suggested that Kaplan’s arrival signaled a “Plan B” for the Evening News…