Kagan: “Talking Doom and Gloom All Day No Longer Fit Who I Was”

By SteveK 

Former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan opened up recently about her time with the network and her work since she left in September 2006. Pat Murphy writes in the Idaho Mountain Express that Kagan, “was stunned when CNN didn’t renew her contract,” after 12 years with the network.

She tells Murphy that she was informed a year in advance that she she wouldn’t be retained, and was kept on the air throughout. Kagan calls it an, “act of trust.”

Kagan moved on to start her own web site, that focuses on positive stories. “I figured what I didn’t want to do — get another traditional news job. Talking doom and gloom all day no longer fit who I was as a person,” she said in the article.

Out of the TV news world, Kagan says she has remained friendly with former co-anchor Bill Hemmer (now at FNC) and Leon Harris (now an anchor at WJLA in Washington, D.C.).