Kagan & Limbaugh No Longer An Item?

By Brian 

> Update: 1:19pm: Many e-mailers are criticizing this post. (It should be noted that Lloyd Grove was the original source for today’s item; this blog chose not to spread the rumor when it first surfaced this week.)

“I can’t believe you are repeating the gossip from somebody like Lloyd Grove who gets things wrong more than half the time,” one person wrote. “Why don’t you post a paragraph with the facts, since you have so much untrue gossip posted. Kagan has been at CNN for over a decade, is on the air for several hours a day and almost more than anyone else on that network, has survived dozens of executive tenures, and, like a solid news professional who many others could learn from, doesn’t make herself and her personal life the news.”

(The two photos on the right are the first two that come up when you Google “kagan and limbaugh.”)

TVNewser heard this rumor a few days ago:

“Are Rush Limbaugh and Daryn Kagan on the rocks?,” Lloyd Grove asks. “…Kagan’s colleagues at CNN have been buzzing about the absence of an engagement ring, and now I hear that the high-profile pair is going through a rough patch.”

A Lowdown spy says: “Politically, they were not a good fit. She broke it off. She is heartbroken. He is playing golf.”

Here’s what a TVNewser tipster said on Tuesday: “Kagan and Limbaugh are no longer an item. Spread the word so she can find a nice liberal man to marry, not to mention she might get a jump start in her career here.”