Juliet Huddy Breaks Silence on Bill O’Reilly Accusations

By Chris Ariens 

Juliet Huddy quietly left Fox last September after 18 years with Fox News, Fox station WNYW, and as co-host of the syndicated show Dayside.

A few months later, it was revealed that 21st Century Fox had paid a “high six-figure sum” to Huddy to settle a claim of sexual harassment by Bill O’Reilly.

Huddy will be talking with her former Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly on her hour of Today Monday morning.


Huddy’s interview comes following the latest bombshell in the O’Reilly saga. The New York Times reported Saturday that O’Reilly had personally paid a $32 million settlement to former legal analyst Lis Wiehl in January. 21st Century Fox says it was aware that Wiehl had accused O’Reilly of harassment and that a personal settlement had occurred.

21CF said O’Reilly’s new contract “added protections for the company specifically aimed at harassment, including that Mr. O’Reilly could be dismissed if the company was made aware of other allegations or if additional relevant information was obtained in a company investigation.”

O’Reilly, FNC’s most popular host, was dismissed in April.

As for Huddy, her brother John Huddy is a Fox News correspondent. Their father, John Huddy, was a friend of FNC founder, the late Roger Ailes.