Judy “Listening To The Next Generation”

By Brian 

Judy Woodruff isn’t anchoring a daily newscast anymore, but she’s still hard at work, as the Denver Post’s Joanne Ostrow reports:

“Woodruff left CNN and the Inside Politics anchor chair in 2005 and is currently overseeing a year-long multimedia project that will result in a coordinated barrage: Four special segments for PBS’s NewsHour starting in late spring, an extended documentary for PBS slated for January ’07, a companion series of NPR specials, plus Internet and Time magazine components, all focused on her idea of ‘listening to the next generation.’

She intends to profile young people, age 16-25, college students, dropouts, military recruits, a cross-section geographically, racially, religiously and otherwise, to learn what they’re thinking.

‘This is not a quiz on what they know about policy, but trying to get inside their heads,’ she said by phone from Washington. ‘ ‘What do you think about how many immigrants should be welcomed inside our borders? What does it mean to be an American citizen? What is America’s role in the world?’ ‘” More…