Judge Forces MSNBC to Include Dennis Kucinich in Nevada Debate

By SteveK 

Hold those Las Vegas Showdown promos describing a three way Democratic battle for tomorrow’s MSNBC debate. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has won his lawsuit against NBC, granting him permission to participate in the debate, just days after he was uninvited.

Kucinich learned of his inclusion in the debate during an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network.

During the phoner, Kucinich told Cavuto, “Neil, I just got a note here from the Associated Press out of Las Vegas. It says ‘A Nevada judge said Monday that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich must be included in Tuesday’s candidates’ debate in Nevada’. Holy smokes! I just found out. I have to get off the phone now. I have to make plans to go to Nevada.”


The Associated Press reports that the Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson in Nevada called it a matter of fairness.

The judge said if Kucinich is excluded, he’ll issue an injunction stopping the televised debate.

Clearly this means that Kucinich now will be present in the 9pmET debate tomorrow. Will MSNBC issue a new press release?

Update: Keith Olbermann just said on Countdown that MSNBC will appeal the decision to include Kucinich. Sounds like this isn’t over.

Update, update: NBC News issued this official statement on the situation: “We disagree with the judge’s decision and are filing an appeal.”