Juan Williams: ‘Emotionally I’m still roiled by all this’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik writes up Juan Williams’s speaking engagement at the University of Maryland Law School last night.

After his speech Williams told Zurawik, “Emotionally I’m still roiled by all this. And I just to have to say to myself in a very deliberate fashion, ‘Just give it time.’ Because, the initial concern about things like paying for my son to go college, well, Fox took care of that for me. And I have a job, and in journalism today, that’s not a little thing to say.” More from Zurawik:

Williams said Tuesday that Fox executives were more enlightened than many on the left give them credit for, especially since the network “allows a black guy with a Hispanic name to sit in the in the big chair and host the big show.

“Do you see it on CNBC?” he said. “Do you [see] it at CNN in prime time?”

Asked if he had any second thoughts about the week’s events, Williams said “Ultimately, I genuinely don’t believe what I said violated any journalistic ethics.”

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We asked: Should NPR have fired Juan Williams for what he said on Fox News?

Some of the write-in answers include:

  • should have drawn a line, non fire-able event
  • warning
  • It’s up to them as to whom they employ
  • suspend but not fire
  • Should have been removed from payroll, but still allowed on air as guest