Josh Elliott on ‘GMA’ Departure: 99 Percent of Rumors Were ‘Whole Cloth Fiction’

By Jordan Chariton 

abc_josh_elliott_304On the same weekend he made his NBC Sports debut at the Kentucky Derby, former “Good Morning America” news anchor Josh Elliott poured cold water on the flurry of rumors born after his “GMA” departure.

“It was interesting for me to see this very deeply personal choice of mine become almost this bit player in this grander melodrama…99 percent of which just was whole cloth fiction,” Elliott told Extra’s Charissa Thompson. “I don’t know that we have enough time to work through them all,” Elliott answered regarding which headlines about his departure were false. He also vowed not to be after a new colleague’s anchor chair.

“None of that’s going to happen,” Elliott said on replacing Matt Lauer. “Unless the ‘Today’ show comes under the aegis of NBC Sports.”